RRB MI Exam Analysis & Asked Questions PDF

RRB MI Exam Analysis & Asked Questions PDF: Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has successfully conducted RRB Ministerial & Isolated Category Exam 2020 on 15th December 2020. The exam is being conducted from 15th December to 18th December 2020 to recruit 1,663 candidates in various department of Railway. The 1st Shift was organized from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM while the 2nd Shift will be held from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Read this article about RRB MI Exam Analysis 15th December 2020 with questions asked.

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RRB MI Exam Analysis & Asked Questions PDF

RRB Ministerial and Isolated Categories Exam Pattern 2020: Junior Stenographer (English)

                     Subjects Number of Questions(Objective Multiple Choice Questions of 1 mark each)               Duration
Professional Ability 501 hour 30 minutes(2 Hours for PwBD Candidates)
General Awareness15
General Intelligence & Reasoning15
General Science10
Total 100 Questions for 100 Marks

Note: There will be negative marking and a 1/3 mark shall be deducted for each wrong answer.

RRB MI 2020 CBT 1 Exam Analysis 15th December 2020: Exam Timings

The table below states the categories of RRB MI Junior Stenographer and its shift timing as well as date of exam:

Categories for which exam to be conductedShiftsDate of Exam
Category 2 – Junior Stenographer/ EnglishShift 1 (10:30 AM) 15th December 2020
Category 1 – Junior Stenographer/ HindiShift 2 (03:00 PM)

RRB MI Exam Asked Questions 2020 PDF

Here are a few questions according to the candidates who have appeared in RRB MI Junior Stenographer Exam conducted on 15th December 2020:

Q1. Who got Rajiv Gandhi Sports awards in 2020?
Ans. Rohit Sharma, M Thangvelu, Rani Rampal, Vinesh Phogat, and Manika Batra

Q2. Who won the first Nobel Prize in Physics?
Ans. Dr. CV Raman.

Q3. Who won the Jnanpeeth awards 2020?
Ans. A.A Namboodri

Q4. Who hosted IPL 2020?
Ans. UAE

Q5. When was the non-cooperation movement started?
Ans. 1920

Q6. Who started the concept for the permanent settlement?
Ans. Lord Cornwallis

Q7. What is the SI Unit for Force?
Ans. Newton

Q8. Which bank regulates all the banks of India?
Ans. Reserve bank of India (RBI).

Q9. Which bank regulates all the banks of India?
Ans. Reserve bank of India (RBI).

Q10. Who wrote the book: Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver?
Ans. Urijit Patel.

Q11. What are isomers?
Ans. These are compounds with the same formula but a different structure.

Q12. What is the metal used in Iron to avoid rusting?
Ans. Zinc.

Q12. What is the metal used in Iron to avoid rusting?
Ans. Zinc.

Q13. When did the Supreme Court of India come into being?
Ans. 28 Jan 1950

Q14. Who launched the weekly newspaper “Sambad Kaumudi”?
Ans. Raha Ram Mohan Roy.

Q15. 6 years ago there were 2 persons with an age ratio 3:2, after 4 years there age ration becomes 8:7. What is the present age of P?
Ans. 12 years.

Q16. 15 articles have CP equal to the selling price of 12 articles. Find the profit.
Ans. 20%.

Q17. Find the average of the first 20 multiples of 8.
Ans. 84

Q18. There is a debt of 11,500 with a rate of interest of 10%. This is to be paid in 4 years. Find the amount for each installment.

Q19. Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity was given to whom for the first time?
Ans. Greta Thunberg.

Q.20. Who wrote Akbarnama?
Ans. Abu Faizal.

Q21. Who wrote Malgudi days?
Ans. R K Narayan.

Q22. When is the Oral day celebrated?
Ans. 20 March

Q23. When is Pravasi Rojgar Diwas celebrated?
Ans. 20 Jun

Q24. By how much did the population of India increase from 2001 to 2011?
Ans. 17.6%

Q25. Who is the present secretary-general of UNO?
Ans. António Guterres

Q26. On which river is Jog falls located?
Ans. Sharavati river

Q27. Who was the first election commissioner of India?
Ans. Sukumar Sen

Q28. What is the ruling period of Shah Jahan?
Ans. 1628 to 1658

Q29. Who got award for literature in 2019?
Ans. Peter Handke

Q30. Who got award for literature in 2019?
Ans. Peter Handke

Q31. Kaleshwaram project is in which river?
Ans. Godavari river

  1. If two numbers are in the ratio 2:3, and their sum is 125.then find the numbers?
  2. 6 years ago the ratio of ages of P & Q is 3:2.4 years hence the ratio of age is 8:7. Find the present age of P?
  3. 15 CP =12 SP find profit %?
  4. If A + B = pie/2 and sin A = 1/2 , then sin B is?
  5. 52,54,55,56,55,54,53,55,53,51,57 .Find Mode?

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