SSC CHSL 2018 2nd July 2019 Exam Analysis & Asked Question

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: SSC CHSL Exam is taking place today i.e 2nd July 2019. Read this article about SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2nd July 2019 with questions asked. Furthermore, go through the SSC CHSL expected cut off and SSC CHSL difficulty level. Analyse your paper with this article about the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2nd July 2019. The exam analysis helps in determining good attempts and analyzing performance. Check out the analysis of your shift below.

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SSC CHSL Exam Analysis

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern

SectionSubjectNo of QuestionsGood Attempts
1General Intelligence and Reasoning2522-23
2General Awareness2514-16
3Quantitative Aptitude2515-18
4English Comprehension2519-21


  • There is a negative marking of 0.5 marks in all sections.
  • The duration of the exam is 80 minutes for candidates who are visually handicapped.

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2019: 2nd July Shift 1

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: English Language

S.No.TopicsNo. Of QuestionsLevel
1Fill in the Blanks2Easy
2Sentence Improvement2Easy-moderate
3Error Detection2Easy
4Sentence Rearrangement2Easy-moderate
5Idioms and Phrases2Easy
8Active Passive1Easy
9Direct Indirect1Easy
10Phrase Substitution2Easy-moderate
11Spelling Correction2Easy
12Cloze Test Passage5Easy-moderate


SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: Quantitative Aptitude

S.No.TopicsNo. Of QuestionsLevel
2Average1Easy – Moderate
3Number System1Easy
5Time & Work1Easy – Moderate
6Speed & Distance [Train]1Easy – Moderate
7S.I. & C.I.1Easy – Moderate
8Profit & Loss2Easy
9Algebra3Easy- Moderate
11Mensuration3Easy- Moderate
12Trigonometry3Easy- Moderate
13DI [Bar Graph]5Easy
Total Questions25Easy- Moderate


SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: General Intelligence & Reasoning

S.No.TopicsNo. Of QuestionsLevel
2Odd One Out2-3Easy
4Statement & Conclusions1Easy – Moderate
8Mathematical Operations1Easy
10Blood Relation1Easy
11Mirror Image2Easy
12Venn Diagram & Syllogism2-3Easy
13Paper Folding Image1Easy


SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 1 Asked Questions 2nd July 2019 (Shift – 1)

  • Synonym – Hind , Innuendo
  • Antonym- Succinct
  • last years repeated vocabs
  • Close test easy
  • Idioms & Phrases- Throw in the towel
  • Idioms & Phrases- To wash linen in public
  • If a triangle of sides 25cm, 24cm & 7cm and G is the centroid of BG. Then find the circumradius?
  • ABC triangle, D & E are points given with DE:BC = 3:5 & DE is parallel to BC. Find Area of ADE : area of BCDE [ans is 9:16]
  • a3+ b3+ c3 = 125, a2+ b2+ c2 = 27, a+ b+ c = 5. Then find 4abc?
  • Sin^2A – Cos^2A – 3 Cos A+ 2
  • Who is MSME minister?
  • Who was Pan Singh Tomar?
  • Bhupendra hazarika Dam connect Assam to which state?
  • China shares logest border with which state of India?
  • Who was the Founder of sayyid dynasty?
  • Which state seperate Bhutan & Nepal?
  • Who was the director of “Narender Modi”?
  • Who was the captain of 2018 women hockey team?
  • Who was the writer of “Kamayani”?
  • Galena is an ore of? Lead
  • Name of director of the movie based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Omung Kumar
  • Which among the following is not an alliance of NDA?
  • Barrier, Barren Spelling
  • Pan Singh Tomar was related to which game? Steeple Chase
  • Innuendo Meaning? Suggestion/ Hint
  • Antonym of Exotic? Native
  • One who never get tired? Indefatigable

SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 1 Asked Questions 2nd July 2019 (Shift – 2)

  • Spelling correction- Vacuum
  • Spelling correction- Satellite
  • Synonym – Adhere
  • Who was the captain of Team India when India Played against England?
  • Bangladesh won first world cup match against whom?
  • What is the Full Form of SWIFT?
  • Where is the headquarter of Union Bank Of India?
  • There is only 1-2 questions from science section.
  • 124th amendment bill is related to?
  • One question from Lok Sabha Election.
  • Ram Vilas Pasvan Belong to which party?
  • Youth affairs minister?
  • Which chemical smells like Rotten eggs
  • One questions related to Assam dressing culture
  • Which of the following is Myanmar currency?

SSC CHSL 2018 Tier 1 Asked Questions 2nd July 2019 (Shift – 3)

  • Which state shares longest border with china
  • How many states touch the border of Nepal?
  • 12 current affairs
  • lok sabha election- 3 questions
  • Which party is not included in NDA
  • Ram vilas paswan given which ministry
  • How many seats won by Congress in Punjab
  • Hertz is the SI unit of?

SSC CHSL 2018 3rd July 2019 Exam Analysis & Asked Question

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