SSC CHSL 2018 3rd July 2019 Exam Analysis & Asked Question

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis: SSC CHSL Exam is taking place today i.e 3rd July 2019. Read this article about SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 3rd July 2019 with questions asked. Furthermore, go through the SSC CHSL expected cut off and SSC CHSL difficulty level. Analyse your paper with this article about the SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 3rd July 2019. The exam analysis helps in determining good attempts and analyzing performance. Check out the analysis of your shift below.

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SSC CHSL Exam Analysis

SSC CHSL Exam Pattern

SectionSubjectNo of QuestionsGood Attempts
1General Intelligence and Reasoning2522-23
2General Awareness2514-16
3Quantitative Aptitude2515-18
4English Comprehension2519-21


  • There is a negative marking of 0.5 marks in all sections.
  • The duration of the exam is 80 minutes for candidates who are visually handicapped.


SSC CHSL GA Questions

  • There were 7-8 questions from Current Affairs.
  • Dolomite is the ore of?
  • Shiv Shankar Pandit is related to ?
  • Padma river in Bangladesh is the tributary of which river?
  • One question is based on Pascal Law.
  • Triple is related to which sport?
  • 3 questions were asked from Bank.
  • One question related to lokpal
  • One question related to Nandan Nilekani Committee
  • Smiriti Irani given which portfolio?
  • Vembanand lake is located in which state
  • Who is the writer of “World Cup Challenge”?
  • Lok Sabha Election of 2019 is- 16th, 17th, 18th ?
  • Highest Civilian award in mexico was given to whom?
  • Vikas Bora the brand ambassador is related to which state?
  • Who coined the term Mitocondria?
  • Name of gold coins during the gupta period
  • Charothi (name not sure) hydroelectric project located in
  • Which lok sabha is at present?? 17th lok sabha
  • Who got Mexico’s highest honour in june? Pratibha patil
  • ‘Mausam’ is launched by which ministry
  • During gupta empire gold coins are called?
  • If ball hits wicket keeper’s helmet how many runs will thr opposite team gets
  • “The Indian struggle” book writer
  • Bangladesh total districts?
  • study of fossils – paleontology
  • Govindraj is the coach of?
  • where is vishnu statue located ?
  • where is periyar national park ?
  • Which was the highest profit earing PSU in the previous year-Ongc, bharat petroleum, etc
  • When did pak win its 1st world cup?
  • when is world bicycle day?
  • India’s Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-Women)-anita bhatia
  • How many runs penalty is given to the batsman if the ball strikes wicketkeeper’s helmet kept beside him?
  • Gahirmatha wildlife century is famous for ? 

SSC CHSL English Questions

  • last years repeated vocab
  • Cloze test was easy- Based on China
  • Synonyms: Erode, proliferate
  • Antonyms: dense, sparse
  • Idioms & phrase: hanging in air
  • Antonym of dense
  • hanging like a thread (idiom )
  • idiom- to shake off idiom meaning
  • exaggerate meaning
  • Spelling Correction-aggressive, global

SSC CHSL Reasoning Questions

  • Total number of team is 21, if every team is played to every other team, then total number of matches played?
  • Coding-decoding & Blood Relation questions were of moderate level.
  • 4:24:60:120:?
  • Analogy- Chesis : Car :: skeleton :
  • Study of rocks
  • Nephrology : Kidney :: ________ : Liver
  • If W=46 CAT=48 then SALT?
  • men father player ven diagram

SSC CHSL Maths Questions

  • M.p=400 Dis=25% Pro =32₹ Pro=%
  • In a Triangle, one angle is 64 degrees then find the angle between other interior bisectors.
  • ABC Is a triangle D on BC is bisector find BD-DC if sides are a,b,c.
  • Angle 70degree b/w CED in cyclic quadrilateral ABCD, AB is diameter. Ois centre .AC and BD meet at E.find angle COD
  • 4year 10% rate par amount itna ho jata hai 292842. compound interest so find si on same princle,rate and time.
  • Circle changed into rectangle of 7:4 dimensions and ris 31.5 find smaller dimension of rectangle
  • triangle abc : triangle pqr =9:16, ab = 16 , bc = 15 ca = 9 find qr =?


More Questions will be Update Soon….. 





SSC CHSL 2018 2nd July 2019 Exam Analysis & Asked Question

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